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Women’s Natural Fibre Clothing


Australian Women in 2021 look for clothing made from natural fibres to wear in dry or humid hot Australian summers.

There are many different kinds of natural fabrics such as cotton linen and wool and in the last decade, we have discovered new modern fabric such as model. Claire Powell clothing which can be purchased from retailers or online at is made from this beautiful new modern natural fabric model.

Model is explained below for you to understand why it is becoming so popular with mature women for clothing.

  • Modal holds colour better than cotton, so after washing again and again the beautiful colours remain.
  • Modal feels silky soft against the skin and to touch.
  • Modal is superior to cotton; it is 50% more water-absorbent and ultra-breathable compared to cotton, making it ideal for hot climates like Australia.
  • Modal is a luxurious modern cloth for a woman who cares about natural fibre in our modern age
  • Women love modal because of all the above points.

In Australia, we live with an ageing population called baby boomers who were born during and after the 2nd world war, most baby boomers grew up only wearing natural fibres such as cotton and wool so today in 2021 these baby boomers feel at home and comfortable to wear natural fibres and do not want to wear clothing made from poly chiffon because.

Women are always looking for summer tops for women over 50 with sleeves that they can feel comfortable in, women want to relax in clothing that does not show their armholes and lumps and bumps and this is why the Claire Powell women’s natural fibre tops are perfect for mature women over 50 because they tick all the boxes for mature women.


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