Wholesale Women’s Clothing Australia

The Claire Powell summer short sleeve tops are in high demand by Australian retailers who seek wholesale clothing for mature women.

Wholesale brands designed in Australia for mature Australian women are selected by women’s clothing retailers because of the current demand for mature women’s clothing of Australian brands. Claire Powell clothing is designed in Australia with the cloth digitally printed in India and then stitched by high-end tailors before shipping to Australia. The Claire Powel (link to wholesale page) tops are made from natural fibres which is what Australian mature women demand today because of our long hot summers.

Due to the Australian casual lifestyle more than ever before mature Australian women are searching for Australian designed clothing brands that can be worn as everyday wear, women need beautiful clothing to wear meet with family and friends, shopping trips, and simply just be out and about. Mature women seek Australian clothing brands that feel comfortable to wear, that women can relax wearing and that will wash and wear with ease and match the Australian lifestyle and landscape.

Australian mature women wear tops more than dresses because as a women ages she is less likely to show off her legs so therefore prefers to wear nice dress pants with tops. Today Mature Australian women need many tops to wear with pants; this is why the Claire Powell elegant summer top is so popular with women aged 40 plus.

The Claire Powell summer top ticks all the boxes for the mature Australian women, it has a short sleeve, a neckline that is not too low, a front and back that covers what is required by mature women, and most importantly is loose and not body hugging and is comfortable to wear because of the shape. When women are buying the Claire Powell summer top the first thing they will do is touch the fabric to see how it feels, the response is always a happy smile because women love the feel, the fabric is soft light and natural.

All mature women in Australia wear summer tops and they prefer a top that is not clingy, as women do not want to sweat in the heat of the hot Australian summers. The Claire Powell top will make a woman feel fabulous. All Retail enquires are welcome please contact Claire Powell on claire@clairepowell.com

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