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Who are Claire Powell’s Retail Customers?


At Claire Powell, we take pride in catering to a diverse range of customers, ensuring that our unique and stylish products are available to various audiences. Our customers include:

  1. Seaside Boutiques: Our collection is a perfect fit for boutiques located along the beautiful Australian coastline. With our products’ beach-inspired vibes and effortless style, they are a must-have for seaside shoppers.
  2. Urban Gift Stores: Contemporary urban gift stores also form a significant part of our customer base. Our chic and versatile designs appeal to city dwellers looking for the perfect gift or addition to their personal wardrobe.
  3. Country Women Fashion: We understand the fashion needs of women living in rural areas, and our products cater to their preferences for comfortable yet stylish clothing and accessories that suit their lifestyle.
  4. City Premium Boutiques: Claire Powell’s high-quality products are also sought after by city premium boutiques, offering the latest trends and exceptional customer experiences to fashion-conscious clientele.
  5. Resort Locations: Our products are ideal for resort boutiques, providing guests with stylish and comfortable clothing and accessories to enhance their vacation experience.
  6. Island Stores: The relaxed, breezy styles we offer to make our products a great fit for island stores, ensuring that visitors can find the perfect outfit for their island getaway.
  7. Holiday Destination Boutiques: As our products embody the essence of a relaxed holiday, they are popular among customers shopping at boutiques located in popular holiday destinations.
  8. Cruise Liner Shopping: Our fashionable and versatile products are also a perfect match for cruise liner shopping outlets. With elegant designs that cater to the sophisticated tastes of cruise passengers, Claire Powell’s products make a delightful addition to onboard shopping experiences.


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