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About Our Fabrics

About Modal Cloth

  • Modal holds colour better than cotton.
  • Modal feels silky soft against the skin and to the touch.
  • Modal is superior to cotton; it is 50% more water-absorbent and ultra-breathable than cotton, ideal for hot climates like Australia.
  • Modal is a luxurious modern cloth for a woman who cares about natural fibre in our modern age.
  • Modal was initially developed in Japan in 1951 and is now in India. The manufacturing process involves spinning reconstituted cellulose from beach trees. The wood fires are pulped into liquid form and then forced through tiny holes, creating the thread.
  • Modal is entirely biodegradable and often touted as a sustainable textile.

About Bemberg Cloth

  • Bemberg is the raw material of unused cotton linter. This is the short downy fibre that enfolds the cottonseed. Bemberg is made using human technical abilities to the natural plant material of cotton.
  • Bemberg is gentle functional, and breathable. Bemberg is also anti-static and anti-cling for more comfortable wear.

About Viscose Chiffon Cloth

  • One of the most popular forms of chiffon is viscose chiffon. Because of viscose, its extra smoothness and delicacy give it extra comfort for all types of clothing.
  • Viscose is derived from the cellulose of wood pulp, bamboo, soy and sugar cane.

About Satin Cotton Cloth

  • Satin Cotton is made using 100% cotton and is weaved called the atlas. This technology makes the resulting fabric soft and shiny on the face side.
  • This fabric is one of the most popular and pleasant to wear against the skin.