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The Enduring Love Affair Between Women and Dresses

claire powell women dresses

Hello, beautiful readers of, This question has been asked for centuries: why do women love to wear dresses? At first glance, it seems rather straightforward. Dresses are a staple in women’s wardrobes across cultures and ages. But upon deeper consideration, it’s a question that invites an exploration of fashion history, psychology, and cultural symbolism. […]

Australian-Owned Wholesale Women’s Clothing

Are you looking for a clothing brand that captures the essence of modern Australian fashion while catering to mature women’s tastes? Look no further than Claire Powell’s wholesale women’s clothing! As an Australian-owned wholesale clothing provider, Claire Powell is a leading Australian fashion designer renowned for her women’s colourful everyday clothing made from natural fabrics. […]

Who are Claire Powell’s Retail Customers?

At Claire Powell, we take pride in catering to a diverse range of customers, ensuring that our unique and stylish products are available to various audiences. Our customers include: Seaside Boutiques: Our collection is a perfect fit for boutiques located along the beautiful Australian coastline. With our products’ beach-inspired vibes and effortless style, they are […]

Wholesale Australian Clothing

Retailers looking to buy wholesale women’s clothing in Australia are looking for a dress designed or made in Australia. The new trend is to buy women’s clothing designed in Australia like the Claire Powell brand and or women’s clothing made in Australia; all this changed in 2020 with a new direction on countries that care […]

Short Sleeve Tops Wholesale

Retailers looking to buy women’s short sleeve tops in Australia made from natural fibre contact Claire Powell to become a stockiest. Claire Powell short sleeve summer tops are extremely popular with mature women because the Claire Powell top ticks all the boxes those women over 50 are looking for with colours, fabric shape sizes and […]

Wholesale Women’s Clothing Australia

The Claire Powell summer short sleeve tops are in high demand by Australian retailers who seek wholesale clothing for mature women. Wholesale brands designed in Australia for mature Australian women are selected by women’s clothing retailers because of the current demand for mature women’s clothing of Australian brands. Claire Powell clothing is designed in Australia […]

Women’s Natural Fibre Clothing

Australian Women in 2021 look for clothing made from natural fibres to wear in dry or humid hot Australian summers. There are many different kinds of natural fabrics such as cotton linen and wool and in the last decade, we have discovered new modern fabric such as model. Claire Powell clothing which can be purchased […]