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About Claire Powell

The Story Of Our Fabrics

Hailing originally from New Zealand, Claire Powell made Australia her home in 1997 and began to make her mark in the fashion industry.

Her initial venture was creating, selling and marketing flip-flops to adolescent girls, primarily through outlets prominent in the surf industry, such as Surf Dive and Ski. In 2006, she branched out, designing cotton cover-ups for the beachwear section of David Jones’s department stores.

In 2019, Claire undertook a brand revamp, concentrating on producing high-quality women’s tops for the baby boomer generation. Her offerings are marked by their high-grade natural fabrics and vibrant, digitally printed designs. Today, Claire’s brand has found its way into boutiques all across Australia, in addition to being available online.

Come 2023, Claire broadened her brand’s spectrum even further to include women’s shirts and dresses, still adhering to her principles of superior fabrics and captivating designs.

Currently, Claire is passionately invested in the latest expansion of her business – a line of stylish sun hats catering to customers ranging from babies and toddlers to teenagers and adults.