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About Claire Powell


The Evolution of Claire Powell's Designs

Originally from New Zealand, Claire Powell moved to Australia in 1997, embarking on a journey that would soon see her leave a distinct imprint on the fashion world.

Her fashion career began with launching a line of flip-flops targeted at young girls, mainly sold through key players in the surf industry like Surf Dive and Ski. In 2006, she expanded her horizon, introducing a collection of cotton cover-ups for beachwear at the esteemed David Jones department stores.

The year 2019 marked a pivotal shift for Claire’s brand. Focusing on the baby boomer demographic, she started crafting superior women’s tops, distinguished by their premium natural fabrics and eye-catching digital prints. This move saw her brand gaining popularity in boutiques throughout Australia and online.

By 2023, Claire further diversified her offerings, venturing into women’s shirts and dresses while maintaining her commitment to top-notch fabric quality and striking designs.

Claire is enthusiastically steering her brand into a new phase, introducing a chic range of bucket sun hats. This latest addition caters to a broad audience, from infants and toddlers to teenagers and adults, continuing her fashion innovation and excellence legacy.