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About Claire Powell

The Story Of Our Fabrics

At Claire Powell, we believe that the heart and soul of fashion lie in the fabrics. Our founder, Claire Powell, has an unwavering passion for natural fabrics and vibrant colours. Her journey begins with carefully selecting exquisite materials, which serve as the canvas for her unique designs. We understand that the world is ever-changing and, with it, the needs and desires of our customers. We are committed to staying ahead of the curve in fabric innovation.

In today’s dynamic world, the climate has shifted, and so have the requirements for fabrics. We collaborate with fabric mills from around the globe that continuously develop new materials tailored to the specific needs and preferences of consumers in different countries. We take pride in our ability to offer an array of beautiful, comfortable, and sustainable fabrics that cater to various lifestyles and environments.

Our customers often express their delight at the feel of our garments, inquiring about the composition of the fabrics we use. Claire takes great pleasure in sharing the stories behind each fabric, detailing its origins and the intricate processes involved in its creation. At Claire Powell, we believe that the material is the foundation of any garment and the key to unlocking its true potential.

We invite you to explore our collection, crafted from a diverse range of thoughtfully sourced fabrics that embody our commitment to quality, sustainability, and timeless style. Join us to celebrate the extraordinary world of textiles and experience the Claire Powell difference – where every piece tells a story, and the fabric takes centre stage.